The Three Ring Election Circus

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

For the last week now, I have been running the gauntlet of tables and booths of the candidates for student body offices and I have run out of patience. When did impeding people’s progress, waving flyers in the air, riding a moped through campus and a hot dog roast become acceptable forms of advertising a party’s candidacy? It seems to me to be more of a popularity contest than an election (ie. which party is giving away better things). In the last week, I have had flyers shoved in my face, been patronized by supporters of one party and chased down and stopped by a guy as I was trying to make my way through the mess. “We are just trying to simplify the process” I was told by one. Well, if you are, how about we get rid of the three-ring circus that has become this election.

James RostFilm StudiesSophomore