Letter to the Editor: No planks, no female candidates-no thanks!


I will not vote in the student elections, so leave me alone! The student government is irrelevant to me and my life and my time at school, and this election is no exception. I have two reasons for my decision.

The first is the parties themselves. Have you read their platforms? “To listen to students and try to take care of their needs” is not a plank in a platform-it is a mission statement and a lame one at that. “To increase the number of U sticker parking spaces by 25 percent” would be a plank. “To get along with everyone” is not a plank. Get it? If I were to vote based on party platforms, then I would be comparing oranges with oranges. There is nothing unique from one party to the next, so there is no possible choice.

Second, I am tired of the unwritten code that has permeated all U elections in my memory (and I’ve been a student for a very long time), which states that only men may run for student body president and vice president, and then to placate the women, we’ll have a woman run for senior class president. Do you think I’m joking? Look at the tickets. When a party runs a woman for president and vice president, then it will get my vote. When a party actually puts forward a plank in their platform, then it will get my vote. Until then, leave me alone.

Lorrie Casper

Senior, English