Take your best shot!

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

To the U of U Adminstration,

Be advised that you can no longer enforce your anti-gun agenda. SB 48 is the law. This campus and its staff has to follow the law.

Besides, concealed weapon by definition means concealed. You will not know if a student is packing heat. Plus I triple dog dare you to try to punish a student who defies your so-called policy. You will not know if he or she is packing, and there is squat you can do about it. Plus the NRA would rain down a bunch of lawyers you, you won’t even have the funds for the lunch, and you know it.

Please exert your energies on other matters and quit spending precious time and money on this matter. Even a frist year law student knows that the First Amendment cannot trump the Second Amendment.

In closing, I plan to carry when I want, where I want. I have the Bill of Rights, The Utah Constitution , and Utah Law backing me up. So take your best shot! (no pun intended)

Jason L. Clark Senior Political Science/ German Major