The Chronicle Just Doesn’t Get It: Voices of Reason for the LGBT Community

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Dear Editor: In response to Elijah Gregory’s letter, “The Bible itself says don’t oppose gay marriage rights” (April 21): Amen! Finally, someone has spoken up for the LGBT community and its Christian members to reveal the true message of Christ’s teachings. At age 14, I was baptized Catholic and struggled with my sexuality because of what the church told me was wrong and what I knew God had given to me for a reason. If I had seen Gregory’s message then, my pain would not have lasted so long. It should stand as a beacon to all those who have been hurt, either physically or emotionally, by those who do not understand: true Christians do not judge! Secondly, I wish to shake a finger at Chronicle writer Jim Bergstedt for his article, “Lavender is only one color of the rainbow,” published the same day. Shame, shame – this is bad writing. For one thing, Bergstedt is totally misinformed and needs to know that Lavender Graduation is on May 5th, not the 7th. You will certainly not be missing the LGBT community at graduation, and we will be there, loud and proud, in the audience and as graduates, so don’t worry. Mr. Bergstedt goes on to suggest that the special graduation will “set a precedent for other groups and individuals who feel they are not accepted by the majority.” What is THAT? Are you frightened by this? Is it jealousy? Big deal – I say maybe there should be a special graduation for LDS members, Catholics, Jews, Asians, whatever! Let them have their day without being bothered. Remember SPECIAL graduation, not separate: this is not segregation, it’s celebration. By the way, maybe there should be special awards or – perish the thought! – a “separate” graduation for physically and mentally challenged individuals on campus – I personally invite them to. They deserve it, as far as I’m concerned, and it is terrible to suggest otherwise. Also, it is terribly difficult to believe words that “encourage” understanding of the Gay community from a journalist who has written articles against the favor of anything LGBT (“Constitutional amendment couldn’t come at a better time,” Feb. 26 ’04, and “Despite what Massachusetts might say,” Dec. 1, ’03). Bottom line: before you go trying to debauch the LGBT Resource Center’s efforts to promote understanding on this campus, gain some credibility: get the facts right and come up with quality material, not ridiculous and uncalled for comments. If the Chronicle continues to publish articles of this quality, it will surely lose its LGBT readership. Maybe it already has.

Robert CostaFreshman, Pre-Architecture