Residence halls can offer community to students

Students who want to become more involved at the U should consider living on campus.

Living in Residential Halls includes a meal plan, fitness rooms, game rooms, computer and technology labs, barbecues, hot tubbing and other community activities.

Junior Suzanne Krop said living on campus is a good way to meet people.

“[Student housing] is a good idea for freshmen,” she said. “There are all lot of different programs to get involved.”

Besides a social atmosphere, there are other benefits as well.

Barb Remsburg, associate director for residential living, said students who live on campus are more likely to graduate than commuter students.

“These students are also more likely to be involved with faculty and campus,” she said.

Any person who is a registered student can apply to live in the residence halls, located in Fort Douglas, east of campus.

Freshman and returning sophomores typically live in Sage Point or Gateway Heights.

An average price for freshman is $,5000 a school year and have single or double bedroom apartments available.

Freshman and transfer students can apply May 10 for housing.

Bench Mark Plaza is occupied by juniors and seniors who can choose two-, three- or four bedroom apartments.

Families live in the Shoreline Ridge apartments and can choose two-, three- or four- bedroom apartments.

Students who live in the Officer Circle housing apply through an academic department and live with 12 other students.

Campus housing also provides a chance for leadership and service opportunities.

Students can apply and become student hosts of the Residential Halls.

The housing follows the same student conduct code as the U. They follow a non-alcohol dry campus regulation.

Residents use U-cards to get in buildings and security keys for their rooms.

Residential Halls currently holds 2,300 students with 1,000 more classmates in University student apartments.

Senior Trisha Jorgensen said there is always someone to talk to living on campus.

“You can find any group of people you want to belong to,” she said.

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