Letter to the Editor: Publicizing the evil-doers lets the terrorists win


It is truly a sad day in America when the media can push the public in any direction they want.

Teachers in high school classrooms show the recent beheading of Nick Berg and tout their own political agenda by saying, “Well, this is what we get for going to war.”

It is truly obscene that the media would use such a despicable act, manipulating it for their own good.

“No! The media just shows us the truth,” you might cry. “It’s the retaliation of the Muslims for the prisoner abuse!”

Right, and the four bodies of American contract workers that were dragged through the streets, burned and hung from a bridge were also in retaliation.

These terrorists hate us no matter what. They couldn’t care less about prisoner abuse or any other incident. They want to kill us all the same.

Yes, let’s publicize events that rip apart American morale, bash the president and basically destroy the society we live in by taking away the ability to make decisions without outside influence.

Let’s just give up, let the government make more programs that take away my money, throw away all the guns and weapons, indulge in reckless sex, destroy the family, let murderers live, kill babies and promote socialism.

We need to become totally passive and tolerant.

That is the only way we will ever regain good standing with other nations.

And when the terrorists conquer America with nothing more than a butter knife, what then will we do? Nothing, obviously.

Kory Hoopes

Junior, Physics and Chinese