U campus a candidate for football movie

The U, the University of New Mexico and Louisiana State University are the top contenders for the site of a college football film.

The film, described as “a very touching story” by Leigh von der Esch, executive director of the Utah Film Commission, is reminiscent of “Remember the Titans.”

The film is being “shopped” to studios and no star has been attached, so few details are available. But, von der Esch says, if Utah is chosen, filming could begin by the end of August.

Coralie Alder, public relations director for the U, is working with the film commission.

The film’s director approached the commission two months ago about filming in Utah. The commission recommended the U campus. Officials sent pictures of the campus to the director and producer, who toured the U last month.

The school that is picked will be an integral part of the story. “It will have the fabric of whatever university they pick,” said von der Esch.

Because the filmmakers would “want to capture events at the U, we’d want the cooperation of the students,” von der Esch said.

A final decision isn’t expected until July, and the U faces tough competition. New Mexico and Louisiana State both have financial incentives for filming, including loans, equity, interest and tax breaks.

If the film is made in Utah, the U would be allowed to use portions of the film for future promotions.

The U has been a film location before. Such movies as “Paradise,” “Love Surreal” and Disney’s “Going to the Mat” have been filmed on campus.

Moviemakers have used the state of Utah in more than 700 films or television shows since the 1920s.

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