It MUSS be something good

The Mighty Utah Student Section, or MUSS, is creating a buzz among many U students and has given some hope to those who always wanted the institution to be more than just a commuter campus with an uninterested, world-weary student body.

Since its introduction in 2002, the football fan club has nearly doubled its membership and the club currently counts more than 15 times the number of students that were signed up at this time last year, according to Kim Sorrentino-Raap, assistant marketing director for athletics. She said she expects more students will sign up as the season draws nearer.

Yet the club’s popularity and growth is not making everyone smile. Some critics have observed that as the club grows and reserves the best student seats in the stadium for its members, the number of free seats available for non-MUSS students shrinks. But according to non-MUSS student Tyler Brown, the club’s size is not an issue yet.

“I feel that there is still plenty of good seating. That isn’t what’s most important to me. It’s the spirit of the football game, and that’s why the MUSS growing can only be a good thing,” Brown said.

Scott Hammer, one of the founders and president of the club for 2002 and 2003, does not see the situation as a problem either.

“I think that there would be a way to get around it,” he said in a recent statement. “[MUSS members are] willing to pay a little to get a lot…Hopefully, any dedicated student fan might enjoy doing the same and joining the MUSS.”

The cost to join the football fan club is $25. Membership comes complete with a reserved seat in the student section, an official MUSS T-shirt, admission to six tailgate parties and a subscription to the “MUSS-Know” weekly newsletter.

“We’re coming off an amazing season last year. I would hope that students are starting to feel a sense of urgency to get signed up and be a part of the amazing tradition that coach Urban Meyer and the football team are putting together,” Raap said.

“Last year, I would sit behind the MUSS and I thought to myself, ‘Wow, they’re having a lot of fun down there,'” said Grant Van Noy, who rejoined after a year off.

Students interested in joining the club can do so online at or by visiting the Alumni House.

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