Letter to the Editor: Why ignorant sports writers bug me


Tye Smith begins his Aug. 25 Chronicle article, “Why the Summer Olympics Bug Me,” by lamenting that non-stop coverage of “worthless, pseudo-sports” like rowing, swimming, gymnastics and equestrian events have received far more than their due attention over the past week and a half.

It is clear that Smith is writing from not only an American-centric, but also a Utah-centric point of view.

This is the type of uninformed babble that one would expect from someone not claiming to be a journalist.

First, each of these “worthless” sports has huge followings across the country (particularly on the East Coast), and even larger audiences internationally. I might be mistaken, but I believe that each of the aforementioned sports has been around much longer than baseball, basketball and American football. If the author thinks that the cable television piped into Utah is representative of that which the entire country receives, he or she is in for a shock.

Matthew Howard