Sexual assault allegations made against U athlete

U Police received a 9-1-1 emergency call at 1:52 a.m. Sunday morning from a woman who indicated she had been raped in the dorms, according to Sgt. Earl McKee.

Though police officers are not releasing names of witnesses or suspects until they finish the investigation, the suspect is believed to be a football player.

Liz Abel, assistant athletics director, said the department was “confident” that no charges would be filed, and mentioned that Urban Meyer and Chris Hill were real “disciplinarians.”

“From what we’ve learned of the situation, it leads us to believe that no charges have been filed…We’re not going to make up a situation where we don’t think there is one,” she said.

Det. Mike McPharlin, lead investigator of the case, had a different opinion. He said that a “recent development” negated the statement issued by the athletics department, though he would not share what the recent development was.

“To conclude that no charges will be filed is erroneous,” McPharlin said.

McKee, the public information officer for the case, denied any recent developments and said the investigation should be finished some time Thursday.

“We realize that this is a very serious allegation and we want to make sure we treat this case properly by following up all the leads,” McKee said.

McKee also reported that “physically, [the accuser] is doing fine.”

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