The Importance Of Being Calendar

September 15


Finally, Slick City is showing signs of life again. After the Utah State Fair goes on life support at the Utah State Fairgrounds, of course. For now, the beast is still fighting and won’t be dead until Sunday, Sept. 19 when the State Fair ends. Tonight? It’s country sensation Carolyn Dawn Johnson performing alongside The Bellamy Brothers (who have nothing to do with Bill. At all. Don’t even play like that.). And it’s still $7 for every head through the gate. Enough already.

But we here at the Calendar desk are all about the freedom to have things the way they’re meant to be: FREE. As such, you should be making your way over to the second installment in the U’s own “The Best Of American Cinema” film series. The series runs on Wednesdays (tonight!) at 7:30 p.m. in Room 1110 of the LNCO. This week, Professor John Schulian will feature a movie he notes as “maybe the greatest film noir ever,” “Out Of The Past” (1947) starring Jane Greer, Robert Mitchum and Kirk Douglas. Get there quickly and early, though-there are only 125-150 seats per screening, and only so many classic films to go around before this thing caps off. Don’t miss any of these.

Girls gone Wilde? Why not? The Pioneer Theatre Company (a professional theatre company in residence here at the U) will be presenting The Importance Of Being Earnest starting today through Oct. 2 at the Pioneer Memorial Theatre (300 S. 1400 East). For tickets (which range from $20-$39) and show information, give the PTC box office a ring at 581-6961. College students get discounts, too. And if they give you trouble over it? Don’t be earnest-be frank. Ouch.

And speaking of frank, Doug, who tried to be Adam or Jimmy, couldn’t quite cut the cake as one of America’s most popular misogynists on Comedy Central’s The Man Show. In fact, he and that Joe guy couldn’t even cut cheese to make The Man Show a man again. But if fart jokes are your forte (and we’re not anti-fart jokes so much as we are moderate fence-sitters on the issue) then you should make your way over to see Doug Stanhope of The Man Show let a few go at Ego’s tonight. Doors open at 8 p.m., tickets are $12 and can be ripped (oh, God) from Smith’sTix outlets everywhere. And don’t forget to be 21+, or Ego’s will throw you in the Dutch oven of being underage.

Reggae legend Alpha Blondy’s gig tonight at Park City’s Club Suede got canceled, kids. I know, I know-we’re sorry, too. Maybe next time.

Who the hell is John Eddie? He’s an intruding, indulgent bastard, that’s who he is. Who the hell is John Eddie? Is the name of his album, thus forcing us to use the original question in question as the answer to the actual question as opposed to just letting us make up our own ridiculous ad-hom on the hook-filled folkie. Maybe we should give him credit for being post-modern or something. Go see him drown in tune to bad Calendar-esque jokes at Club Halo (363-4522) tonight.