Letter to the Editor: Calendar needs more respect for women


It is obvious to me that the Calendar portion of the newspaper is to draw attention to a particular student crowd at the U by its rowdy wording-that is fun and fine. But I was disgusted at the promotion of gawking at a “porn star” at a local club for entertainment!

Hasn’t anyone paid attention to the multiple articles-in this semester alone-concerning violence against women…especially a person who writes information that is submitted to this paper? It is this ignorance that objectifies women and makes them subject to sexual assaults.

It is this ignorance that cultivates tolerance for pornography in the first place.

I would like to believe that I attend a university that is respectful of all people…this kind of thinking and promotion does not respect women, nor are men respecting themselves who indulge in such “entertainments.”

Cydney Jane

Senior, Public Relations