In response to “The bumpy road to progress” in the 10/14/04 issue

By [email protected]

This is in response to the 10/14/04 article on the LGBT Resource Center. The subtitle said, “Campus more accepting of LGBT community, but still has room for improvement.” How do you figure? According to the campus police crime statistics (the only statistics available on the subject), there haven’t been any hate crimes this whole year (you can’t get any better than that). There’s a resource center dedicated solely to the LGBT community. State and federal legislatures continue to pass “hate-crime legislation” (increased protection under the law for just about everyone but white males). Public and private universities across the country support and promote “diversity” (read: everyone’s welcome but the white males) through staff positions, scholarships, activities, etc. and yet some minorities continue to feel victimized. What’s with this?In the spirit of equal opportunity I propose the creation of a Middle-Class White Male (hereafter referred to as MCWM, because, hey, everyone deserves a cool acronym) Resource Center. Do you think we can get ASUU sponsorship and staff funding from the office of the associate vice president for diversity? How about a MCWM Pride Week? Will Barbara Snyder attend our silent auction and purchase a $650 table? Will the Daily Utah Chronicle publicize our plight with front-page articles in the school newspaper?Without continuing in hyperbole, I hope make it clear that there are a lot of people bending over backwards to accommodate members of minority groups, like the LGBT community, and gratitude is in order, instead of more self-victimization. Society as a whole, and minority groups especially, need more of an I-think-I-can attitude and less self-pity.