Letter to the Editor: Hannity will help us fight the Commies

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I would like to respond to John Wright’s brilliant repartee (Oct. 14’s “Communist threat is alive and well”) to Jeff Fullmer’s (Oct. 13’s “Give Marx a break”) article on Marx.

I think we should heed Wright’s admonishments and insights into living a safe life in a safe world where no one who holds a different view from ours (and we know what the correct view is, don’t we?) ever gets to speak.

Freedom to speak is something you buy. It is a commodity. John Huntsman Jr. understands this.

We don’t need to hear from pinkos like Michael Moore who think people should be freed from their corporate masters and live lives that are healthy and natural for them.

We need to hear people like Hannity so that we can have a good role model for our reactions to everything that even smells of pinko-leftist humanity and of tolerance.

It is our duty to our elders and corporate masters who know better than we do to disregard our intuition that free speech, like homosexuality and the desire to have sex with desirable others, is normal and natural I am so glad that Wright is here to make me more afraid.

I was beginning to become afraid that I might be running out of things to fear and that I would soon lose my ability to function in life.

Without the paranoia that is so dear to my heart and soul I would not know how to react to pinko ideas about freedom, liberty and justice that extend beyond the reaches of the almighty pocketbook.

Russ Haru

Graduate Student,