Letter to the Editor: Marx was stupid and immoral

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Marx’s dismal position from that of most Americans is rightfully deserved.

The more one learns of his disgraceful life and ideas, the more one wonders how Marx could achieve such a distinguished position in academia.

While Marx was a follower of Hegelian dialects, the class struggle- as documented between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat -is only found in the Communist Manifesto.

The Manifesto is a tract of popularized propaganda, from which most of the French Communists derived ideas that contained little of Marx’s original ideas.

Also, it is Marx’s latter works that deny class struggle between the bourgeoisie and proletariat and define the struggle between tenured intellectuals (including religious hierarchy) and skilled independent workers, such as doctors and carpenters.

And so the two bourgeoisie groups are constantly struggling to control the opinion of the masses.

Marx starts his economic ideas with the fallacious labor theory of value. All economic theories and his exploitation theory are erroneously built upon this.

Decent logic as well as history has shown the failure of Marx’s theories.

Marx hated the family. He lived off his wives and his friend Engel’s wealth.

And so Marx never accepted the responsibilities of providing for his family.

He also had an affair at the same time that his wife lay on her deathbed. So, of course, he resented the norms that criticized his immoral and his selfish lifestyle.

Marx should go down in history as the prime example of bad philosophy.

Steve Wheelwright

Junior, Biology