Orrin’s Law

By [email protected]


Dear Editor,

Certain drugs given to children for ‘depression’ in the end killed them. The drugs worsened their lives and finally caused them to kill themselves. Several Representatives had taken money from the drug companies which made the ‘anti-depressants’. They sat around until it became apparent that the drugs were killing people. The politicians – which included Representive DeLay then blamed the FDA. Metabolife has killed and hurt a great many people. The founder of the drug company was an ex-cop who had been investigated for dealing illegally in weapons. He was arrested for making methamphetamine. He was given probation instead of jail time for becoming an informer. An ingredient of Metabolife is ephedrine – also used to make methamphetamine. Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah sponsored deregulating the dietary supplements industry in 1994. The Orrin Law reclassified dietary supplements as food. Makers no longer had to show their products were safe. The burden was on the federal government to show danger. Hatch called the health problems linked to the key ingredient of Metabolife 356 “extremely troubling”. He too is blaming the Food and Drug Administration. He claims it took “too long” to respond. Orrin Hatch apparently received $15,250 from Metabolife in the 2000 election and $27,250 during this cycle. Metabolife has announced it will give the FDA 13,000 reports from consumers about health-related issues linked to its products. That’s $3.26 a piece for each claim Orrin’s Law hid. Orrin’s Law is an example of an effective but dangerous law. I think Orrin Hatch is troubling.


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