Point counter point: Is Michael Moore worth all the fuss? (No – Stevenson)

Michael Moore’s mass following is a sign of a continuing disaster in American politics. Could liberals have a worse figurehead? Not simply for what he stands for but for how he promotes his ideas.

Moore is not an intellectual, he is an entertainer.

He is the Rush Limbaugh for liberals, equally disgraceful and none skinnier.

Following this degenerate entertainer as your political lighthouse is pathetic.

I heard one Moore fan say, “It doesn’t matter if it’s fake, it needs to be said.” These are people who don’t just find Moore funny and entertaining but follow like sheep to his every political commentary.

How can falsehood be important? Should we turn to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show or theonion.com for our information, since they cover the “important news?” But hey, when you’re “saving the world,” what’s wrong with telling a few lies?

Moore is the ultimate capitalist, as in the type of person he attacks in many of his films.

He’s worth millions of dollars. Yet with millions in the bank he charges a community college more than $50,000 for his presence.

What is to be gained by such investment? A speech that is not academically enlightening, may or may not be factual, and serves no benefit to mankind?

His visit is nothing more than the mere propagation of his own personal opinion. UVSC could have me speak for free, I would drive my own car and I could criticize the neo-conservatives just as well if not better than Mr. Moore.

To quote Daniel Flynn from his book, Intellectual Morons: How ideology makes smart people fall for stupid ideas, “Michael Moore excoriates big business for exporting jobs, weakening unions and offering miserly pay and benefits. In his own business dealings, Moore proves more flexible. The Roger and Me director outsourced the design and hosting of his Web site to Canadian companies….

“The man behind Fahrenheit 9/11 lives in a multimillion-dollar Manhattan condo, demands first-class flights and five-star hotels, and sends his daughter to a posh school.

“One Hollywood source states, ‘Michael’s the greediest man I’ve ever met.’ Former employees describe the work environment Moore created as ‘a sweatshop,’ ‘indentured servitude,’ and a ‘concentration camp.’

“According to former workers, union scale, health care, humane hours and even pay for services rendered were at times hard to come by for some in Moore’s shop. A writer for the short-lived TV Nation remembered Moore explaining to a pair of writers, ‘[I]f you want to be in this union, only one of you can work here.’ For GM’s Roger Smith, such behavior warranted an attackumentary.”

Moore’s next flick should be an “attackumentary” of himself. This film is a good example of Moore’s lame thinking. If GM had followed his advice in the past, it would likely have gone out of business long ago, with all its workers losing their jobs.

Similarly, Moore condemns certain “stupid” labor unions for agreeing with temporary wage cuts as a means of saving the jobs of their members during recessions.

The “smart” ones are the unions who refused to renegotiate and saw their employers go out of business, losing all of their union jobs. Smart?

Moore’s films are not objective. Few, if any, are, but Moore goes beyond opinionated filmmaking. He deliberately edits out blatant evidence and creates fictitious scenes. Even people he interviewed that were “on his side” have claimed that he misrepresented their view. This in the pursuit of a product that you must turn your brain off to enjoy. Of course, that may be the reason Hollywood gave him an Academy Award.

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