A & E’s contest gets extended due to popular demand…or simply because we make the rules

Starting this month, A & E will hold an occasional contest to test our readers’ skills in mix-taping and stretching horizons. We’re starting simple, too: We give you a theme, you send us your list of 10 songs in the order you’d want them mix-taped. The winner gets his or her mix tape (and DJ pseudonym) published in Friday’s A&E section, along with a nice prize.

After being inspired by the Utes’ massacre of UNC on Saturday night, we’re putting out our first mix tape calling for our football team: Throw us your best pre-game pump-up mix for the boys, and we’ll send you away with the prize.

Not only will the winner of this week’s contest get the aforementioned prize, but we’ll be sure to hand off a copy of your mix to a few of the guys on the team before this week’s matchup against UNLV.

Keep in mind though, not all the guys on the roster listen to the same music, so if your mix consists solely of cock rock or Tupac, you’re gonna get cut from the team.

Make sure to keep it in the right order, make sure to mix it up, and make sure it’s solid.