Letter to the Editor: Draft threats are a joke


I don’t know if I am the only person who is tired of the newest leftist rhetoric: If George W. Bush is elected president again, then you will all be drafted.

The first time I heard that John Kerry sound bite, I was in my car and was laughing so hard I almost couldn’t drive. What makes it more funny is that he really means it, and that he keeps repeating it in practically every state he has visited in the last week.

Does anybody realize how ridiculous this comment is? This is fueled by one of several e-mails that somebody starts, informing us that the Bush administration is already trying to “secretly push a bill through Congress.” This will supposedly require all men and women 18 to 26 to give two years of service. It’s in my inbox. I’m sure many of you have it, too. Roseanne, Michael Moore’s special guest, also mentioned it at their speech Wednesday at UVSC.

Well, just so we get the facts straight, let’s remind everyone that the president can NOT simply fiat a draft. It requires an act of Congress. There were two such bills, Senate Bill 89, and HR 163, both introduced by Democrats from South Carolina and New York, respectively. They were introduced in January 2003, and sat around for more than a year. Having already introduced the bill, that representative had also voted against his own bill. Now there are no draft bills present, and the odds of passing one are ZERO.

However, it still is hilarious that Kerry will bring this up as part of his fear-mongering tactics to try and squeeze a few more votes out of the young-adult population.

James Hall

Senior, Biology