Letter to the Editor: Vote for who you want, not who you don’t


Vice-presidential candidate Peter Miquel Camejo spoke Monday at The Jubilee Center in Salt Lake City. Camejo is running on an independent ticket with Ralph Nader.

Nader and Camejo have opposed and continue to oppose the war in Iraq, support the preservation of civil liberties through the repeal of the USA Patriot Act, oppose subsidies and tax loopholes for corporations and support universal health care.

On these key national issues, a large minority of Utah voters is in agreement with Nader and Camejo.

If we agree with these positions, (and those of us who do are far more numerous than is usually acknowledged) why should we vote for John Kerry?

The undemocratic Electoral College system should embolden voters in Utah, and in all non-“battlegrounds states.”

In the national election, we should vote for the candidate with whom we agree on important national issues. At the same time, we should also support electoral reforms that would give equal weight to all votes and make the presidential election truly democratic.