Letter to the Editor: Both political sides should be smelled


I am writing in response to Amanda Friz’s column. (“What’s that smell?” Oct. 22)

While I agree with her assessment of the political situation in Utah and would definitely like to see more balance, let me defend her teammate.

Friz’s attitude toward Utah is exactly that of her friend’s toward Georgia. She has such disgust for conservative views in Utah that she compares it to a foul stench. How hypocritical of her to ask others to consider her views when she holds the other side in such contempt.

If we want more balance in Utah, both sides need to listen to each other with open minds and (gasp) maybe learn from EACH OTHER.

Insulting people is not a great way of creating understanding. I am voting for some Democrats and some Republicans this election, depending on their personal stance on issues and whether or not I agree.

I am a Mormon and I do not appreciate stereotypes assessing me as a closed-minded right-winger (since those terms seem synonymous to her).

Both sides have their strengths and weaknesses. Please be respectful of others when you are asking them to be respectful of you. There is always another legitimate side to every issue.

I agree that conservatives need not judge others and listen to them, but the same is true of both sides.

Let’s smell both sides instead of reaching for the Febreeze.

Scott Mansell

Senior, Civil Engineering