I just can’t ‘Swallow’ Matheson

By By L.J. Lither

By L.J. Lither

As a resident in District 2, I feel we deserve more from our candidates for the U.S. Congress.

When I receive their advertisements in the mail or see one of their television commercials, I think we deserve better.

This is not about Republican or Democrat. This is about issues and the lack of discussion on them.

Jim Matheson’s ads have centered on a few key topics. One is that he is an independent voice and has voted on the side of the Republicans many times.

One television spot showed the percentage of times he voted with the president. At no time did this tell me the issues Matheson supported and gave me no reason to vote for him.

So I started to look at John Swallow, the Republican nominee. Although I am a Democrat, I look for the best candidate.

After receiving two flyers from the John Swallow campaign office, I was able to decide he was not the best candidate for me.

His first ad was a criticism of Matheson’s voting record on anti-abortion and abortion-rights bills. Swallow’s second ad had an extremely cute baby on the cover and on the back, his stance as an anti-abortion candidate.

It is great to be an anti-abortion candidate, but I want the 10 words after that. I want to know how he plans to fund sex education. I want to know if he plans to sponsor any bills to go after dead-beat parents.

Personally, my father didn’t finish paying back child support until I was 21. To have an anti-abortion stance is fine, but what options come with this stance? What about additional funding for Head Start programs? What about state-funded day care so a single mother (or single father in these changing times) can work and still raise her children?

I need more than just an anti-abortion flag being waved. I need answers to go with it.

Both these candidates need to talk about the issues. Not just with buzz words or maxims, but real issues. Wouldn’t it be neat if they discussed funding for education or affordable health insurance, for example?

Although I normally vote Democrat, I’m not going to vote for someone just because he or she is on the Democratic ticket. I need a better reason to vote for Matheson than his support for the president.

And as for Swallow, I applaud him for having such strong feelings for his anti-abortion stance, but I need to know more. A cute baby on a postcard with an emphasis on “vote for me, I am anti-abortion” is just not enough.

We deserve better. I urge all my fellow students, the next time you receive political mailers that doesn’t discuss any real issues, to call the campaign offices and tell them that if they want your vote, they need to say why you should vote for them.

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