Letter to the Editor: Shuttles aren’t funded through student fees


I have just a few words about the letter “Commuter Services turns its back on students” from Oct. 27.

What kind of a moron thinks that the student transportation fees is enough to support a transportation system of the scope and scale of the shuttle system? Even if the money for shuttles did come from student fees (which it doesn’t, those fees go directly to the UTA passes, and shuttles are funded by parking-permit sales) it would only account for a small portion of the shuttles’ budget.

Doesn’t anyone do any background research anymore? Why do you print this tripe?

I’ve always said that you’ll find the largest proportion of morons in the world on a university campus. Not because they’re necessarily dumber but because everyone thinks they know everything.

Why can’t people just stop complaining.

Andy Lynn

Junior, Accounting