Utah has a lot to offer Urban

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Utah has a lot to offfer Urban Meyer.With all these nasty rumors of Urban leaving Utah at seasons end, Utah needs to consider the facts as they are, and stop being so pastamistic. First Florida State is going to offer Steve Spurrier the job, he seems to be their best choice right now. 2nd thing to remember is that even though a bigger school can offer more money, that doesn’t mean Utah can’t match. The U has many options to raise additional revenue to match any other offer. We can add additional seating in Rice-Eccles Stadium which would in turn create more revenue in ticket sales. Also we can charge for student seating, I know that would suck, but if BYU can get students to pay to watch them suck, we definitly could pay to raise revenue. Also with the great seasons we have seen under Urban, their has been a dramatic increase in merchandise sales. Put that money to cover any additional costs. 3rd even though we are not in a BCS conference does not mean we never will be. We are not held in the Mountin West Conference forever, and with every winning season we put in, we are that much closer to moving out. The PAC-10 wants to move to the PAC-12 which brings up two open spots. If Utah gets into a BCS conferencce, we have every aspect of competition that other schools can offer. 4th even though players leave all the time, someone steps up and takes over. The fact that we loose Paris, Morgan, and many others at the end of the season does not give us a loosing season next year. Remember McBride got us those players, imagine who a great coach can bring in. So instead of letting Urban slip back east to another school, lets find every way we can to keep him here. Lets raise money, lets build every facility Urban asks for, lets stop being a BCS bowl buster and find a way to become part of the BCS, and lastly let your voice be heard, attend games, wear red, attend everything that boosts school spirit, make him realize we offer everything that goes into a great football school. Lets show Urban that Utah is the best place to spend his coaching career. None of it will be easy, but either will be slipping back to being an average Mountin West team with not much to look forward too.

Scott ChanceJunior Accounting

I’m not a student at the U as you might have seen by my email address, I do attend USU. Only because of a girl who has messed up prioritys, but I promise I eat and sleep Utah football during the season. It’s been like that for a long time. So please don’t exclude me from your paper because I go to a crappy school. (for gods sake, I know the words to Utah Man, but not to the Scotsman) I simply want your students and administration to know that there are ways to keep Urban here.