Letter to the Editor: Republicans must stop claiming moral superiority


My studies in political science have endeared me deeply to the Republican Party platform and its ideology of conservatism-especially family values.

I have always voted Republican because of their seemingly benign monopoly on morality.

But my political bubble of self-righteous superiority had shattered with the Nancy Workman affair.

In spite of what the Utah Supreme Court said concerning the matter, I still believe Republicans had better get off their high horses and stop trying to claim moral superiority through family values from now on.

But if you ask me, I say screw politics.

I am just sick and tired of the lies-politicians are indeed a bunch of promise-making liars.

I hope to graduate with my master’s degree in political science this December and subsequently throw the diploma into the dumpster, go back home to my little village in the Islands, smoke dope in naked bliss, and passively watch the whole world slowly go to Hell in a handbasket.

At least I will be happier without all the politics that are driving me up the wall.

Savea Metusela

Graduate student,

Political Science