Letter to the Editor: Chrony opinion writers should know what they’re talking about


Why does it seem like every time I pick up one of the school papers, I read multiple articles that are horrible?

How can an editor look at these ridiculous articles and say, “Yeah, that’s good?”

Jeff Fullmer wrote on hunting (“Hunting rocks!” Nov. 5). Wow, what a joke; Fullmer looks like he has spent a few too many winters letting his mom do the chores.

First of all, being intoxicated while hunting is a felony. He also talked about getting pleasure from killing animals. I have never gained any pleasure from killing an animal, but yet it seems like he knows all too well about getting pleasure from an animal’s pain.

Hunting is a sport. I have been on many hunting trips where I have shot nothing yet my pleasure was getting away from society and guys like Jeff.

Lastly, he ends his little tirade with “One cannot be a man unless he enjoys killing.” Wow, I think my point is proven; he really has no clue as to what he is talking about. I don’t have a problem with opinion writing, but have some prior knowledge of what you are talking about, Fullmer.

Brian Lane

Junior, Economics