What is ASUU Senate’s view?

Since I am a new senator within the last month, I am unfamiliar with the current specific plans. But I do support a student-run and student-funded facility-open solely to students and families-similar to those at other institutions.Daniel Kunz,Law

Though the idea seems beneficial to students, the need for such a facility just isn’t there. There are many other issues that should take priority.Brian Kendell,Architecture and Planning

I think our money should be used elsewhere. We have the Union and the Field House and until those get overcrowded, we should focus on other issues.Tiffany Logan,University [College]

I actually don’t know about the plans for the new recreation facility.Whitney Raine,Business

It’s a good idea; the student body seems to be pretty interested. Jessica Wempen, Mines and EarthScience

If the need is there, it’s a good idea.Margaret Burnham,Social Work

I think a rec. facility would greatly benefit the school.Branden Rosenhan, Medicine

The administration seems in favor of building a rec center. I have a difficult enough time talking some buddies into hanging out on campus. A rec center might be the way to get a lot of similar individuals to hang out and enjoy their collegiate experience a little more.Bryce Peterson,Science

If the new rec center is going to do what we hope it will do, then it is a great idea. But if things continue as is, the center will not be used due to competition with the Field House, Outdoor Rec, ORP and other activity-based areas. Also, where is this building going to go? Current proposals would potentially place it outside the traffic of students.Brandon Lee,Social and Behavioral Science

I think it is a great idea. I was part of the group that went to Washington in August and I think that this would be a wonderful addition to campus. It would save money for students, rather than paying tons every month for a gym membership. It would be more accessible than the Field House and HPER. Better atmosphere.Natanya Miller,Education