Women ARE the LDS Church

By [email protected]


In reading Kit Warchol’s article entitled “Panel questions women’s role in LDS Church (Nov. 6)” I had many concerns. This article was printed without fair representation of what the church believes. The panel just sounded like a complaint session, which I’m sure it was.

If there were any resolutions to the questions and concerns about women’s roles, what were they? For those asking the same questions, I have a few answers of my own.

It is very well known, especially by members in the church, that baptized female members have access to all the power and authority that male Priesthood holders have. When a man and a woman are sealed in an LDS temple, the woman and the man together share his Priesthood power.

I, being single, have not been married in the Temple, but at anytime can call on any worthy Priesthood holder to use his power in a worthy way for my benefit or the benefit of others. This includes Priesthood blessings.

If female members of the church are angered about not having a “voice,” do they not feel any responsibility or happiness and fulfillment in raising righteous children?

Do women really want the responsibility for members of the ward like the Bishop has? Wait, that’s what a Relief Society President is for. Don’t they get it?

If women of the church are “speaking out” on this issue, let it be known that nothing is going to change. If they don’t like it, they must be misunderstanding their very righteous and powerful roles in the Relief Society, Young Women, Primary, as Missionaries, Wives, and Mothers and as Daughters of God.

Please expand your knowledge base of the church before you complain about it. If you have any further questions, let me direct you to www.mormon.org; here you can find where the church stands, directly from the LDS Church and not from Excommunicated members.

Emily MaynesPre-NursingJunior