Services for the Exonerated

By [email protected]

Bruce Goodman was a free man November 9th after DNA evidence exonerated him, but what now? He spent 20 years behind bars to find that upon his release, the state won’t offer him the same services to help him get back on his feet that he would have been afforded had he been paroled (according to a couple news channels). A convict gets help with job training and adjustment back into the community, but an innocent man wrongly jailed for 20 years does not? This seems absurd!

The news also reported that around 100 people have been exonerated because of DNA evidence this year. There is the potential that another person may find him or herself in Goodman’s shoes. Even though rare, Utah needs to offer the same, if not more, services to those who have been wrongly incarcerated.

Sincerely,Bryan CathermanSenior, Political Science

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