Film releases: Now see this

Opening this Friday, Nov. 12″The Polar Express,” directed by RobertZemeckis, Warner Brothers Studio. An unnamedboy embarks on a computer-animatedjaunt to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.”The Seed of Chucky,” directed byDon Mancini, Rogue Pictures. Chucky and hisbride, Tiffany, struggle to raise their young’un.”After the Sunset,” directed by BrettRatner, New Line Cinemas. A retired super-thief(Pierce Brosnan) retires to a tropical island withhis incredibly gorgeous partner-in-crime (SalmaHayek), only to be pursued by his arch-nemesis(Woody Harrelson), a wily FBI agent.”Primer,” directed by Shane Carruth,ThinkFilm Distribution. Four inventors create adevice that has the potential to alter the worldforever.”Red Lights,” directed by Cedric Kahn,Wellspring Media. A bitter husband drives hiswife away, later realizing that he made a terriblemistake. In his search for her, he picks upa hitchhiker who, unbeknownst to the husband,just crossed paths with his soon-to-be missingwife.”Stage Beauty,” directed by RichardEyre, Lion’s Gate Films. In the 1660s, at a timewhen men played female characters in live theatre,Ned Kynaston (Billy Crudup) was the best.But when Charles II allows biological women toplay the female parts, Ned’s out of a job. Maria(Claire Danes), an ex-dresser turned actress,makes it her mission to re-masculate Ned.The Tower’s Midnight Movie, “Monty Pythonand the Life of Brian (re-release),”directed by Terry Jones, internationalredistribution. Brian, an ordinary BiblicalHebrew, is mistaken for the Messiah in this hilariousclassic.On DVD and VHS this week”Before Sunset,” directed by RichardLinklater, Warner Independent Pictures. Jesse(Ethan Hawke), an American author, meets upwith an old flame, Celine (Julie Delpy), in Paris.”The Clearing,” directed by Pieter JanBrugge, Fox Searchlight Pictures. Robert Redfordstars with Willem Dafoe in this kidnappingthriller.”Bridget Jones’ Diary,” directed bySharon Maguire, Miramax Films: Bridget (ReneZellweger in her Oscar-nominated role) makes aresolution to keep a diary in this romantic comedy.”Gone With the Wind,” directed byVictor Fleming, MGM Distribution. Widely consideredone of the greatest epic dramas of alltime, “Gone With the Wind” tells the story oflovers Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) and ScarlettO’Hara (Vivien Leigh), set against the backdropof the Civil War-era South.