Last minute alternative fills in for objectivist lecturer

U students expecting to hear a lectureon religion vs. morality attendeda discussion on foreign politicsafter Dr. Andrew Bernstein’s flightwas delayed indefinitely.Bernstein, an associate professorat Pace University, was scheduledto share his beliefs on morality andreligion with students Wednesdaynight. Instead, an alternate wasflown in from California at the lastminute.”I had just sat down to eat lunchwhen I received a call asking how Ifelt about speaking in Salt Lake thatevening,” substitute lecturer RichardRalston said.Ralston, managing director forAyn Rand Institute, a center for theadvancement of objectivism, spoketo students on the relation betweenreligious beliefs and foreign affairs.Ralston told students he agreeswith Bernstein’s ideas on religionbecause religion has raised many issuesthat have led to problems in theworld.”Religion has had devastating effects,as history has shown,” he said.Bernstein told The Chronicle viae-mail that he believes religiousfaith clashes with every principle ofa proper moral code. And as such,has led, and can only lead to, hell onearth.U sophomore Ashley Howard saidsome students who expected to hearfrom Bernstein were a little disappointedin the change of plans.”The change may have upset a lotof people that were interested in thecontroversial aspect of Dr. Bernstein’slecture,” she said.Howard added that despite thechange of speakers, the lecture wasjust as interesting.”I think it is a very importantsubject and I am very interested inforeign policy,” she said. “It still relatesto the effect religion has on theworld.”Members of the U’s ObjectivistClub who originally invited Bernsteinto speak with students saidthey hope to schedule another lecturewith Bernstein.”After Dr. Bernstein’s flight fromNew York was delayed, we decidedto try to reschedule,” said AndrewVidrine, Objectivist Club president.However, Vidrine saidBernstein will probably notbe able to speak to U studentsuntil next semester.”Dr. Bernstein is verybusy, so he will not be availableuntil later on in theschool year,” he said. “Wewere glad for replacementRichard Ralston though, heis a great speaker.”[email protected]