Save your money, Cliff Eberhardt can save your soul

Cliff Eberhardt, touring to promote his latest release, School For Love, brings his forefather-brand of folk intimacy to the U tonight.

Eberhardt’s uncanny songwriting and guitar-playing abilities are widely regarded as some of the best in the business, and as an artist Eberhardt is arguably one of the most influential of a now-disappearing generation.

Eberhardt’s shows are typically performed in small clubs or auditoriums. Though he is an admired and respected performer, there are almost always empty seats, perhaps because of how simple and stark his music appears.

This fact looks to benefit students, as it will provide ample space for the artist and the audience to interact.

Eberhardt shows consist of the performer and his acoustic guitar. There will be no back-up singers, no other instruments and no lightshow-his music and stage presence are all Eberhardt offers, but it’s a powerful combination.

Drew Tabke