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ASUU Senator Survey

Whitney RanesBusiness1. It’s amazing. I think more students know what’s going on around them and in the world because more people are able to read different papers. I think it was a great addition to the U and hope they continue to keep it in the future.2. I think the Chrony is doing great and love to read and see what’s going on at the U.

Bryce PetersonScience1. Students seem to really enjoy it. I have changed camps and become a proponent of this program.2. The Chrony is doing quite well this year (the best I’ve seen in my four years here), though they lack the former news editor Ali Hasnain. Such an individual must be difficult to replace (though they seem to be doing quite well). Some articles have impressed me with a depth that seemed beyond that of a college paper, and others have had the opposite effect. Kudos to The Chronicle staff for admitting their failure to donate blood; I hope they repent during the next blood drive!

Natanya MillerEducation1. It is great. I read The Salt Lake Tribune every day and bring it home for my family as well.2. No comment.

Brian KendellArchitecture and Planning1. Though there are not a lot of students from my college that participate in the program (which could be because there is not a bin in either the art or architecture buildings), it is like any other program at the U (such as football, bus passes, the Field House) that the students pay for, but only a certain group of students use, yet it is open to all students.2. The Chrony provides students with the opportunity to practice journalism, and important part of any university, but the views and reporting expressed in The Chrony often do not represent the views of the university community as a whole, but rather that of a select group of people.

Brandon LeeSocial and Behavioral Science1.This is a great new installation to the campus that hopefully will improve and promote the excellence of the academic spheres and get students aware of the issues through concrete and reputable sources. This is a great service that is being provided to the student body. It allows for those students who wish to have the paper at a minimal cost, helping those disadvantaged students unable to otherwise receive the publications.The negative impact of the program is the lack of recycling to effectively deal with the increase of paper waste. Environmental issues take a backseat to the hope that students are benefiting from this service.In addition, the parts of campus that would normally utilize this service are biased toward those in the social sciences. We hope that while everyone takes advantage of this great opportunity, a good number of students will not.2. The Chronicle can push the envelope and do a better job at reporting. Being more professional and newsworthiness is lacking.Often, many problems arise from misquotes, or rather, the lack of actual quotes, inaccurate information, improper or lack of research before publication, and other problems tend to reduce the overall professionalism of the paper. If the readership program reduces the circulation of The Chronicle, there hopefully will be compensation by the increase of professionalism and the coverage of the campus to attract the readers back to the newspaper. If student groups are suffering and the campus decreasing in its small sense of community, then the student groups, The Chronicle and the students are to blame.Tiffany LoganUniversity1. No comment. 2. I always like to read it, sometimes it seems a little biased.Branden RosenhanMedicine1. No comment.2. No comment.

Jessica WempenMines and Earth Science1. Good idea, but I don’t know how well it is catching on.2. It could be better.Margaret BurnhamSocial Work1. I love it. I try and pick up a paper every day and don’t mind paying the fee for it.2. They do a good job of covering campus issues.

Daniel KunzLaw1. I voted against the College Readership Program when I was an assemblyman. Although I believe the concept is good, I do not believe that the utility of the program justifies the price.2. I believe that The Chronicle can do better. I would love to see a greater focus on campus life. I can get national news online. The Chronicle is my only real source of information about the U. The Chronicle does this of course; I just feel they can do more. College students face many challenges and experience many successes every week. One example, binge drinking is responsible for two student deaths in Colorado already this academic year. The U is not immune to this problem. I think The Chronicle can do more to make students aware of problems that face many students as well as the successes of our students in personal, academic, or club activities.

Ryan YoshidaEngineeringDid not respond to survey.

Matt Jensen Fine ArtsDid not respond to survey.

Angela VelezHealth Did not respond to survey.Danielle FowlesHumanitiesDid not respond to survey.

Suzanne HarringtonNursingDid not respond to survey.Cam AuPharmacyDid not respond to survey.

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