Students look to revamp SHRM

The Society For Human Resource Management is re-starting on the U campus after having become “less than fully active” since last Spring Semester.

Kim Barber, professor in the management department and new coordinator for the group, said the club disbanded after the prior group coordinator left to work at another university.

“I don’t want it to be an inactive sort of thing. I want it to be experiential, I want it to be a lot of fun,” Barber said.

“This is an amazing opportunity for students to develop new skills and hone the ones they already have,” Barber said.

The group will focus on the “people side of business,” Barber said.

The group will focus on how you effectively work with people in business.

Barber did her undergraduate work at the U and is currently finishing up a doctoral program at Harvard.

The group will provide students “great opportunities to network with local professionals, companies and possibly internships,” Barber said.

The group is a national group with state and university chapters.

Tuesday, the group hosted a luncheon with keynote speaker Steven R. Covey, co-founder of Franklin and Covey.

Barber said, “The goal for the group is to have a strong membership and to have active students.”

For more information contact Kim Barber at (801) 274-5279.

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