Letter to the Editor: Greeks deserve their reputation


As a response to Nick Macey’s editorial, “Victors or victims of youth?” (Nov. 10), I must agree that our community has a poor perception of the greek system.

Macey correctly identifies some of the perception problems regarding frat boys, including that they are over-privileged, over-sexed alcoholics. The public perceives a greek system that serves to protect the hedonistic sons of the rich from acting like citizens.

The biggest problem with the public perception of Greek Row wasn’t mentioned in Macey’s editorial. Whether deserved or not, the public perceives that greeks are able to act above the law without consequences.

When fraternities started a fight on Presidents’ Circle, they completed one day of community service and never saw a courtroom instead of being charged with misdemeanor assault.

Years ago when a young woman was drugged and raped at a frat house, fraternity members refused to testify against their “brother,” ending the young woman’s chances at justice.

A quick review of fraternity-related news on The Daily Utah Chronicle Web site reveals an entire gamut of negligent activities without prosecution.

The perception is that the greek brotherhood has not been held accountable for their criminal activity.

Macey has done nothing to change the negative attitude that the greek system is of, by and for elitists.

The public needs to know that the greek system is not a “secret society” where elitists seek protection from accountability.

Kyle LaMalfa

Senior, Economics