Letter to the Editor: The U needs to show some humility


I thought Ruth Anne Frost’s article (“Nothing brings the U together like hatred for the Y,” Nov. 16) was well-reasoned and also provocative.

Obviously Frost is writing from an LDS member’s perspective, and what she is talking about in the article illustrates an incredible misunderstanding (or willful ignorance of facts) about BYU’s purpose.

If you want fodder against BYU, see the Daily Universe opinion column online. That should give you more than enough stupid ideas from BYU students to write an entire novel.

As much as I enjoy the rivalry, I think many would be surprised to know that a lot of the student body here doesn’t even know where the U is located (is the U the one in Salt Lake City?). I would guess that a significant part of BYU really doesn’t even care that the U exists.

I hope you win. I think that earning a BCS bowl is far more important than a BYU upset this year.

Nonetheless, if the wicked Cougars scourge the Utes this year, you can bet that whatever deity reigns in heaven is punishing the Utes (or maybe just Ruth Anne Frost) for their pride and “holier than thou” attitude. May the team who sucks the least win.

Jon Reed