Have you lost you damn minds?

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

To: Tye Smith, Jef Cartwright, and all others who sent letters to the Editor expressing ill will towards Urban Meyer’s decision to leave for UF.

Have you all lost your damn minds?

As a Utah Alum living in Southern California, I can tell you Urban Meyer did more for Utah Football in two seasons than the previous coaches combined. What he did was shine a national spotlight on Salt Lake City and The U that only the Olympics before had matched. (and that was only for two weeks) Even with his departure, Utah will continue to benefit from his short tenure there. He may have single handedly made the Utah job one of the most attractive in Division 1A Football, the facilities he helped to build are first rate and support for Utah Football has never been greater. I too, am saddend by his decision to leave, but after the dust settles Chris Hill will find the right man for the job, the same way he found Urban two years ago. Granted not every recruit will sign with Utah, but the players Meyer had were mostly brought in by Mcbride. Utah will begin the season next year ranked in the Top 15, we will have a new coach to get excited about and plenty of players returning on both sides of the ball. To say that Urban Meyer is the end all be all of Utah Football is to disrespect every player who woke up early and worked his ass off to achieve the success of this past year. Bitching and moaning that Meyer wronged you in some way is ridiculous, instead you should thank him on his way out for legitimizing Utah Football and look to the future.

Reed Sutton, Utah ’03