Letter to the Editor: Copper Hills should protect LGBT students

Editor:On Dec. 3, The Chroniclereported that a gay couple wasbanned from attending a highschool dance together becauseof an interpretation of a schoolpolicy (“School freezes out gaycouple who wanted to attenddance,” page 2). The point theadministration missed is thatall students do not need to havepermission slips to go a schooldance. Hate crimes are alwayspossible, and are not just focusedon sexual orientation.If the principal of Copper HillsHigh School is worried about”danger,” as he put it, he shouldprotect each and every life thatpasses through the dance-halldoor. Furthermore, he shouldencourage hate-crime educationyear-round in his school.His response is a sorry coverupfor moral policing in publicschools. Parents of LGBTstudents should not be the onlyindividuals required to sign aform. Jason Atwood, you are doingsomething that I never did atyour age. I remember other studentslike you who were fearlessin being who they were. Now,they are legendary. I am sure youwill find the people who are supportiveof you who will love youjust as you are with no revisionsneeded.P.D. GourlaisSenior, French