U students to make concert annual celebration

U students performed at the tabernacleDec. 2 as part of this year’sChristmas on Temple Square.Students from The Church ofJesus Christ of Latter-Day SaintsInstitute of Religion Encore choirperformed in the concert with sixother institute choirs from aroundUtah.Church Educational System MusicCoordinator Douglas Brenchleysaid the event was the first concertwith six institute choirs performingin the tabernacle.”Never before have we had somany institute choir members inthis building at one event,” he said.”This is the very first time we haveever held an event like this, and wehope it will not be the last.”Around 3,000 tickets were distributedfor the event hoped tobecome an annual celebration andthe audience did not disappoint, accordingto Events Supervisor DarrellSaunders.”We have had many choirs cometo sing at the tabernacle,” he said.”Events like thisusually attract alarge audience.”However, aspirationsfor a futureconcert may not berealized because ofthe 18-month renovationthe tabernacleis scheduledto undergo startingthe end of December, according toEvent Coordinator Sherry Hall.”This event will be one of the lastheld in the tabernacle before therenovation begins,” she said. “Wehope to make it an annual concert,but I am not sure where we wouldhold it next year.”Ogden institute director JerrySimon said another concert mightbe possible if the choirs could finda venue with the ability to hold sixchoirs.”The tabernacle will be underrenovation this timenext year,” he said.”We need to findanother building tohold the event in bynext December.”Despite uncertaintiesof a secondconcert, Simon saidit was a privilege forthe choir to be invitedto sing at the tabernacle.”This concert is a historicalevent,” he said. “It is the first timewhere the six institutes have sungaltogether and the tabernacle is ahistoric location.”Brenchley, who is also the directorfor the Orem institute, said hehopes the event will help to influencesimilar concerts in the future.”This is a great opportunity forthe choirs to share and listen toeach other sing,” he said. “It is hardto know how the community willrespond to making this an annualtradition on Temple Square.”Encore member and U freshmanMary Cleverly said singing in thetabernacle was an experience shewill never forget.”I have been singing my wholelife and I never thought I wouldhave the opportunity to sing wherethe Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs,”she said.Encore members have been practicingfor months on pieces to performduring the holiday season, accordingto Cleverly.”Next week we will be at KingsburyHall singing in that Christmasconcert,” she said. “It’s fun toperform at the different locationsand we always have agreat time.”Cleverly believes it would agood idea to hold the concertannually because the eventgives institutes the opportunityto perform together as one.”The vocal talent among theinstitutes is amazing,” she said.”It really is a learning experienceto hear what everyoneelse sounds like and it wouldbe great if we could come backevery year.”[email protected]