Urban Bashing

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Dear Editor,

What is with all of the Urban bashing? I am floored by the attitudes of the “Utah Fans” who are criticizing the coach for leaving for the Florida job. I am appalled at the way some of these “fans” are treating Urban Meyer, and am espescially bothered by Tye Smiths article in today’s chrony. Coach Meyer has taken Utah football to its pinnacle. Without acceptance into a BCS conference, the Utes will never have an opportunity to do any better. Granted, it sucks that Urban is leaving us, but who can really blame him? He is leaving us to go to one of the elite football programs in the nation where he will have the opportunity to win a national championship annually. Upon graduation, Tye Smith will probably land a job with “The San Pete County Times” or some other entry level position. Suppose in two years time that he becomes one of the nations elite sportswriters (this seems highly unlikely after reading his colums for quite some time), and is offered a postion to write for Sports Illustrated that will quadruple his salary. Will he accept it? Of course he will. Why? Because it would be one of the best jobs out there, not to mention the pay increase. I for one would like to thank Coach Meyer for all that he has done for the Utah Football program. I want to thank him for restoring the pride in the football program and putting us back on the map. I hope he kicks ass at Florida and I hope he wins multiple national championships down in “The Swamp”. Good Luck Coach!!!! Go Utes and go Gators!!!!!

Jason ArgyleSenior, Nursing