My Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the den,Not a soul was happy among the women, children and men.The credit card bills lied stacked with much care,Not even St. Nicholas could improve their sad fare.But each in the family dreamed of a toy,A cell phone, “Halo 2” or an Elmo to enjoy.

We were all settled down for a good cozy sleep, When suddenly I heard BANG! SMASH! … and then a creak.I hopped from the Craftmatic to investigate the matter,Through the hall and down the stairs I flew to the clatter.I opened the den door to a glow in the night;To my astonishment I saw a heavenly sight!All the credit card bills did a dance in the air.My eyes opened wide as I gazed in a stare.All our holiday debt disappeared in a blink,The balance was zero! Gone the red ink!But then I noticed all the presents were gone,Along with the Super Frosty out on the lawn.A sad moment hit me-the gadgets had left.Yet being debt free brought warmth to my chest.”On Dancer, on Prancer!” I heard a voice cry,And a small tear of joy did fill my right eye.

“The best Christmas ever!” I quietly saidAs my family began to get out of bed.This year we’ll simply enjoy each other,The presents are gone but so is the bother.Our credit rating will go up one point or two,Then in a flash I knew just what to do.We took our money from the interest we saved,Put it in the bank and hoped the rate would be raised.

The stress had left and the burden was over.We did with less and traded the Range Rover.Now we have more money in case of a need,My heart isn’t troubled with feelings of greed.If ever there’s sickness, heartache or trouble,We’ll have all we need, perhaps even doubleWe are now able to truly help each other,Even take care of my elderly mother.This Christmas I suggest love comes from the middle,So pay the credit cards off and be done with this riddle!

Here’s an idea this holiday season: Pay off each other’s debts-or you own-instead of worsening your debt. Getting out of debt is truer to the holiday spirit, and will be enjoyed much more than a nose trimmer from Sharper Image.