Marriott Library looks to be a shoe-in to receive renovation funds

Fact: Given an earthquake of 5.0 or higher, the first floor of Marriott Library is projected to shift and collapse, creating “floor pancaking” throughout the other four floors.

The collapse of the building is projected to happen within seconds, making evacuation impossible.

Fact: With such ominous projections at hand, the Utah State Legislature is expected to appropriate the remaining monies necessary for seismic upgrades and renovation of the library.

While the case for the library renovation is compelling, getting from point A to point B is perhaps easier said than done.

The U will have to compete with other colleges and universities to receive money for the renovation.

“The biggest obstacle for any project like this is always political pressure from other schools,” according to Nancy Lyon, assistant vice president of university relations and governmental affairs.

The U is asking for $48 million to supplement the $23 million raised by the U already. The U has received a federal grant for $3 million dollars and has solicited money from private donors as well. Specifically, the Marriott family has donated $6 million to the cause.

“We have done our best to raise private donations for the library,” said Dave Pershing, senior vice president for academic affairs.

In addressing questions concerning funding, U administrators seem confident that there is enough one-time funding options to fund the renovation project.

“I assume that the Legislature will be looking at both cash and bonding options,” said Pershing.

Despite what may be a sunny forecast for the U on the project, administrators aren’t taking anything for granted. Many thought that the U would receive the necessary funds last year, yet the library was not approved for funding.

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