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Good times, like my financial aid, are on the way

It’s a new calendar year and a new semester. With each new semester comes a crop of new beginnings. For me, last Monday meant new classes, used books (cheaper you know), and any day now, a check for financial aid.

I once thought the phrase, “the check is in the mail” was my own personal line. Now, the age-old excuse to teachers, “my dog ate my homework” has been replaced with, “It was either lunch or your book, and I got hungry.” Then I again say, “but the check is in the mail.”

If I don’t eat lunch I turn into a psychotic overbearing raging bull. But as I was walking past the new video games on the way to buy food in the Union, I saw a new game. As strong as my need is for food, stronger is my need for a “fix” from a new game.

There it was, the brand new Tekken 5.

No gamer could pass up the new version! Grabbing quarters from my pocket, I headed for the machine. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Tekken-the height of this arcade game seemed to be built for somebody approximately 4 feet 10 inches.

It confused me. I am only 6 feet 1 inch, not a Superman. But I had to get down on my knees to play.

I guess with each new semester there has to be a little something that makes you go, “Huh?!”

But despite the pain and shortage of funds, my addiction to that game literally brought me to my knees.

When I finally get that financial aid check, I’ll have to pay up. For me that means reading and writing for teachers, no more excuses. And my classes want a lot of reading and writing.

I start my mornings off with a Public Policy Health class. From there I go to Politics in China. Then, another political science class. Good thing I’m not a physical education major! If I were, I should have loaded up on swimming and weights, etc. Come to think of it, that sounds good-no more monthly fitness fees needed.

I’d also have another chance at first impressions.

Have you ever had a teacher ask you to introduce yourself with a brief bio? On Monday, the poor guy was trying to get to know us. He asked us to tell something special or unique about us.

Did I tell them I played chess at age five? Did I say I had worked on several political campaigns (not all winners)?

Naw, I held up my hand and bent my fingers back all the way. I’m double-jointed.

I don’t think it was my shining moment. I waited for a reaction. No applause, but they didn’t throw tomatoes. After lunch and out of quarters, I went to math class.

I know there are a few students out there who enjoy math, but I am not one of them.

Needles make me ill, and I once went into shock when a nurse tried to give me a shot, but I’d rather have a shot than “do” math.

Saying I “went” to math sounds like an understatement considering my trembling and perspiration. Test anxiety? Oh, yeah. I walked into the room expecting the Grim Reaper behind the desk.

Instead I was pleasantly surprised. The professor opened up Monday’s edition of The Salt Lake Tribune. There were many red tabs on various pages and different sides. As he began explaining each tab on the newspaper, he showed how this information was “applied” math. Math you can use! What an idea. I hope it was an indication of things to come.

There is so much hope, promise and optimism in saying a check is in the mail. Ironically, the universe seemed to be telling me the same thing my first day.

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