Letter to the Editor: Save a tree (and your budget)-buy an online textbook


In Tuesday’s issue Jason Underdown expressed his thoughts on free textbooks via the Internet (“Cheap textbooks are good, but free textbooks are better,” Jan. 18). Here is my response:

I’m sure many will agree with Jason Underdown’s suggestion that textbooks written royalty-free and put on the Internet for students to download or read directly would be a terrific savings in dollars per student.

Besides saving money, would it also cut down on paper? If so, it has a twofold positive objective. Saving paper leads to saving trees and possibly some forests, which would indeed help environmentally. I’m personally more in favor of saving our environment than saving dollars. A point of interest about textbook royalties: As the wife of an author of many texts, the royalties received are 10 percent of the cost of the book-not much compared to the price asked for by the publisher. The money saved by students would come from not having to use a publisher and the retailers in between.

Jean Frances

Film Studies