Letter to the Editor: Help ASUU Senators in your campus community


In response to “Student senators not meeting constituents’ expectations” (Jan. 21):

In life, you get what you put into it. The attendance at the Senate meetings is, by some standards, poor. Yet, this year, we as a Senate have had the best attendance than in years past. What each senator gets from this experience is what he or she puts into it.

Meetings are not the life and soul of school, nor are they the heart of the Senate. Many senators, just like many students, are not able to make it to the meetings. Often, proxies are sent in their stead. Just like a student group, it is hard to meet all commitments.

The Senate is not a job for me; it is an extra-curricular activity. There are a variety of backgrounds and diversity in the Senate. There are other issues and stories behind each senator. The senator from Medicine can be on call at the hospital and thus miss meetings.

I am involved with the Bennion Center, and placed with a choice between missing a meeting or discussing the future funding of the Bennion Center, I would choose the center. Other senators are married. Those married students understand what a commitment that is.

Like everything on this campus, the purpose of ASUU and of the Senate is to not only represent other students, but also to be a learning experience.

I challenge you to ask questions, to be involved, to find out what I do and what ASUU is and what it should do for you. Know where your student fees are going to. Go to a senate meeting. Challenge those that represent you. Make your issues known.

You get what you put into it. Help us as senators. Find out who is running for office and vote. Contact us.

Brandon Lee


Social & Behavioral Sciences