Why boo Rocky?

At the halftime intermission of Saturday’s Utah-New Mexico basketball game, the U football team was honored for their perfect season. In attendance was Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson to present the football team with a key to the city during the halftime festivities.

When Anderson made his appearance, the crowd booed loudly. Many applauded, but the booers were louder than those cheering. For a brief moment it appeared as though Anderson felt quite uncomfortable.

The ceremony continued, but the message had already been sent.

I don’t know what Anderson did that made so many U fans upset, but I can only wonder about the efficacy of booing a highly influential public official.

Doesn’t the U need as many local officials on our side as possible? Is it really a good idea to leave the mayor with a bitter taste in his mouth?

I think the anger was based mostly on the political preferences of some of the fans in attendance, but just because you are a Republican or you don’t like Democrats doesn’t mean you have to boo the mayor.

Have the political divisions become so bad in this state that we now have to boo public officials of parties other than those we claim allegiance to?

I hope the booing U fans reconsider the value of making enemies with the mayor of our city.

He could be a valuable ally if given the opportunity, and there is no reason to allow your political party affiliations to get in the way of helping the U.

If you were a real U fan you wouldn’t be trying to hurt the U. Hopefully next time we can show a little more class-if there is a next time.

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