Letter to the Editor: Rocky deserves to be booed


There is a reason, Tye Smith, that Rocky was booed (“Why Boo Rocky?” Jan. 24). And it isn’t because he is a Democrat. That was a bold, baseless assumption. It’s easy to come to when you don’t take the time to research, or when you write what you want to believe, just to try and take a jab at people’s political preferences.

I think most people saw through what you were really doing in your column. We should keep in mind that Rocky has offended a lot of people, and has shown forth a bitterness in his recent speeches that is strange.

He has down-talked those commuters from north of Salt Lake City, as if they were the cause of Salt Lake City’s problems.

He has ripped on people for shopping at Wal-Mart, criticized the LDS Church, called for state actions on many issues which go well beyond the powers entrusted to a city mayor, and taken credit for numerous things he did not formulate. (Rocky adamantly opposed light rail in 1992, now acts like he is the reason it’s here.)

When disagreed with, he responds with swift contention and anger. Most people know he is bigoted against the dominant culture and offensive, Mr. Smith.

So please, reserve your energy for a time when you know what you are talking about. I say the U should be an open-minded forum, not one that bows to a man simply because he has power.

Dan Hannon

Graduate Student,

Public Administration