Utes set shooting records

Utah men’s basketball coachRay Giacoletti couldn’t havedrawn it up as well as it wentat the Huntsman Center Mondaynight.The Utes set several schoolrecords for field goal percentagein their 63-51 defeat ofAir Force. They made 24 fieldgoals out of 30 attempts, goodfor an 80 percent clip. TheNCAA record is 83 percent,set by Maryland in a 1971 clashwith South Carolina.While the Utes shot 81.3 percentin the first half, they stillonly led by two at the break.”I didn’t know what to tellthem at half-time. We were13-16 offensively. What are yougoing to tell them, shoot 16-16?” Giacoletti said after thegame.The Utes shot 78.6 percentin the second half on only 14field goal attempts. They endedup tying a school record forfewest field goal attempts in agame with 30.The U went into Mondaynight’s game ranked third inthe NCAA with a 52.2 percentfield goal percentage. A largereason for their high rate ofsuccess is Andrew Bogut,whose 63.3 percent clip is 10thin the nation. He did little tohurt his ranking after an 11-for-12 night on Monday.Air Force had nobody tostop Bogut from getting tothe basket, starting no playerstaller than 6 feet 8 inches, andsuiting up only one weighingmore than 220 lbs. While theFalcons constantly double- andtriple-teamed the sophomorecenter, the U ran an efficientoffensive game, knocking AirForce out of their defensiverhythm.The Falcons took 14 morefield goal attempts and shot14 more threes, but it was notenough to stop the accurateattack of the [email protected]