Letter to the Editor: Anderson dances to the beat of his own drum


Hey, Dan Hannon, (“Rocky deserves to be booed,” Jan. 24) if you are implying that Rocky deserves to be booed because of who he is and how he participates in our community, then I disagree.

The fact is, Rocky is not the type of person who bows down to the prevailing political party and religious culture. Anderson has caught a lot of flak since his election to office.

If Rocky believes in something, then he is not afraid to defend it and use all of his resources to make his point known.

His opinions do not always jive with the Republican-controlled state Legislature, or with the opinions of the rest of the state, but he seems pretty in tune with the attitudes of Salt Lake City, which put him into office.

He criticized the LDS church. Guess what, 12 million Mormons versus 6 billion human population is less than 1 percent.

In fact, the church is a tiny minority in the world. People who have grown up in Utah need to realize this and learn to live with it.

He is entitled to his opinion as an American citizen. What about the recent forums he held, to attempt to promote understanding and tolerance between local churches? That doesn’t sound too bigoted to me.

He submitted his complaint as a Utahn. The controversy seems to be that as an elected official he didn’t quiet down and accept the state Legislature’s will in the case of the Legacy Highway.

Dave Sohm

Junior, Mass Communication