ASUU Senator Survey

1. Rarely outside of CSC meetings.

2. Regular tie … but if I knew how to tie a bow tie I would consider a change.

Brian Kendell


1. I have actually only heard from two students this semester.

2. Regular tie.

Whitney Ranes


1. On a weekly basis.

2. Definitely a tie – one from a thrift store.

Margaret Burnham

Social Work

1. Depends on the month. I have monthly student council meetings.As far as legislation goes, so far it is about 1 billion a month.

2. Depends on the guy and the occasion. If you have a colored shirt I am a fan of monochromatic schemes with shirt and tie, or contrasting colors.

Natanya Miller


1. The main communication that I have with the students of my college is at the college student council meeting where I listen to issues facing the college and try to make the college better.

2. Regular tie, I like the idea of having more space for design.

Ryan Yoshida


1. I speak to students in the College of Law daily.

2. Regular tie-after all law is a conservative field.

Daniel Kunz


1. No Response

2. Regular

Branden Rosenhan


1. Daily

2. Bow tie

Jessica Wempen

Mines and Earth Sciences

1. Every day in class – I don’t understand the question. Do I actively seek opinion on matters which I vote upon? Of course. I speak with professors and students, both graduate and undergraduate, before almost any vote I make.

2. Regular tie, but if someone could teach me how to tie a bow tie, I might convert…

Bryce Peterson


1. Hardly ever!

2. Bow tie

Tiffany Logan


1. Not often enough. Students are rarely involved enough to know that I am their senator. I am trying to achieve 100 percent registration for the SACs (Student Advisory Committees) within my colleges, but is quite difficult since many of the students don’t know what SACs are, nor do they want to get involved. To know everyone in my college is too gigantic of a goal. Many of the students don’t want to or try to contact their representatives. I am doing what I can to get out into the college, going to SAC meetings, offering food, going to classes and announcing how to get involved.

2. Regular.

Brandon Lee

Social and

Behavioral Science